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So Why Me?

Mainly because I deliver value.


What makes me stand out in a crowd of other designers is quality and speed of work which is always a 1:1 ratio. No more time spent on ‘tomorrows’.


Flawless user experience is the priority while working on any project. Ever heard of low conversions and users dropping out of the flow? This doesn’t happen with my designs.


Keeping it functional user-centred yet beautiful. You are getting a visually appealing project that will make you proud and competitors jealous.

Expanding to the middle east?

Multi-language support: English, Russian, Persian, Arabic


Thanks to the great command of English and Arabic I am capable of producing designs for Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic speaking countries and markets.


For example, you have a whitelabel solution or just plan to expand your product to the Middle East. In this case your app or website will require Arabic mockups that will benefit you, your developers and help eliminate any problems and errors during the production stage and while entering the market with the product.
With me you can manage this easily and I will also provide quality assurance.

About Me

Vladislav Kuznetsov • Awwwesome Designer


I am a Product Designer, meaning that I lead a project from an idea to complete realization in code and going live. Starting from ideation, defining core functionality and putting this on paper, which becomes wireframes and user flows. Then after a number of iterations we get to UI design and pass it over to developers with all documentation and assets needed.


Taking only one project at a time, you can be sure that I am focused on getting things done at their best. Available to chat and process requests nearly 24/7.


Important Career Progress

View PDF CV→


Here the most prominent experience of the past 2 years is collected which I am mostly proud of. Some of this includes projects and long-term partnership. Make sure to check my CV as well.


Started this year as Lead Designer for a US-based startup which has been my client for a year already. Now being a team member I make the decisions on how the apps function, feel and look as well as on how the brand is represented among investors, users and the internet community.


Worked as a UX/UI designer for a Y-Combinator startup that focuses on debt collection from patients using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I was responsible for the first version of the app.


I worked as a UX consultant for the best fare-finder and hotel-finder company in the market which is now expanding to the Middle East. I provided Aviasales with new layouts of the websites and consultations on how to make the job more efficiently.


Design Lead for the iOS/Android Healthcare Application. Designed the first versions of the doctor and patient apps as a part of the whole medical booking system. Improved and simplified UX, as compared to the web app. Key responsibilities included ideation of the new UX, prototyping, specs, meetings with stakeholders, producing hi-fi visual design for the app. Handled left-to-right and right-to-left (Arabic) layouts.


You can choose between Express and Custom workflow


Want it quick, same crispy quality and less fuss? You can assign me to define your project’s UX and UI. Why Express? Because no revisions allowed. Notify me about your preferences and just leave me create. You will receive same nice packed deliverables as all my clients so your developers are happy.


  • No revisions
  • Quick as a rocket
  • Design package and specs
  • Fixed price

Fixed price. No cent more.



For those you want to be in control and has a FOMO. You are the part of my process, you are welcome to leave comments, engage and share ideas. Do not like that icon? I’ll redesign it. Design doesn’t pop enough? We’ll add more glow and glitter. But remember to use your power responsibly — designers have the right feel.


  • Multiple revisions
  • Depends on our collaboration speed
  • Design package and specs
  • Hourly rates

Per hour rate TBD


Thankful clients

There is some space for your feedback. Use it!

Vladislav is a very talented creative designer. He works fast and efficiently and you can tell he loves what he does. I highly recommend him.

— Amit Guz, TFTrips Inc.

This isn't the first time we work with Vlad and his performance continuous to be top of the line. His work ethic and dedication are unmatched.

— Fouad Sader, Falcon Co.

Vladislav did a very good job as usual. He is very fast and conscientious in his work.
I highly recommend.

— Hafedh Zaghbib, Emporia Splendors

Vladislav was communicative and nice about the job. He finished in the time required and was transparent about the entire process. He is extremely nice and I wish him the best!

— Justin Rashidi, SeedX Inc.

I hired Vladislav to create a simple wireframe for my application. He paid close attention to what the business purpose of his work was for me - for which parties the wireframe was meant.

— You

Vladislav was very fast to respond, provided great suggestions with illustrations and detailed explanations. He answers our questions promptly and with care!

— Fernanda Drumond, Gapminder

Vladislav provided excellent quality and helped us a lot with RLT layout. We'll definitely continue to work with him in future!

— Alexey Yanchuk, Jetradar

I hired Vladislav to create a simple wireframe for my application. He paid close attention to what the business purpose of his work was for me - for which parties the wireframe was meant.

— Tonis Palts, Maagline Vedur

Vladislav is super in all aspects — from getting designs done, consulting on better UX and providing ongoing support for our complex healthcare marketplace. Thanks a lot.

— Samer Tarawneh, Tebcan